Baby List

What Do I Need To Buy When I’m Having A Baby?!?!

When you start telling people you’re pregnant, one of the lovely side effects is that you often find other mothers taking you to one side, telling you their secrets of motherhood. Most of these things aren’t secrets, really – but one of the quite useful things that often gets passed on via email, sometimes a small scrap of paper, is ‘The Baby List’. This can be quite a useful list of the gazillion things that you need to buy when you have a new little person.  Argh.  Your brain works at 100 miles an hour.  What DO I need to buy when I’m having a baby? You then go away and research the hell out of all of those things, and if you’re anything like me you are then entirely confused by the choice. Deciphering the madness that is the mum internet and trying to figure it all out without any guidance can be anxiety inducing even on a good day. You might as well be trying crack codes for the secret service.

Here’s my version of ‘The Baby List’. This is the stuff I’ve used or seen friends use in the last few months, and what works for you will really depend on your own experience and your own baby, but I hope this proves a useful starting place for someone. It’s always worth considering second hand with the exception of car seats and breast pumps – facebook groups and of course ebay are great for that. I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve missed but here’s the list as it stands… This will be an evolving list of what to buy when you’re having a baby, I’ll keep updating it.