Congratulations, your baby is now big enough to start experimenting with solid foods. This is an exciting phase but it can be nerve wrecking as well. You probably have a thousand questions on which are the right foods that your baby should start eating, what are the contents and I am sure you are also worried about allergies; all mothers are worried.

Cereal is often recommended as the first solid food for babies. You probably know this already and you are just trying to figure out which is the right cereal for your little.

Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal is what you should try out. It is fortified infant cereal that is rich in nutrition for the young one yet gentle to the tummy. You can play around with it by adding puree to give it different flavors to keep the baby excited about eating solid food.

When your baby is ready to start feeding on solid foods, ensure that you get them food that is rich in nutrition and has maximum health benefits.


  • It is organic and thus there is no any GMO product in it
  • It is made of Natural whole grain
  • Contains iron which helps in healthy brain development for the baby
  • It comes in an 8-ounce container
  • There are about fifteen servings in each container
  • It is made of single grain which makes it easy for the baby to swallow
  • The package is easy to open and close making it very easy to scoop and pour out the cereal
  • It is a certified organic product by Oregon Tilth
  • Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal has California rice as an ingredient. California rice is low in arsenic levels


  • It is rich in Vitamins C, Vitamin E and 6 B vitamins which help your baby grow and develop a healthy body
  • it is also rich in Zinc and Calcium
  • The oatmeal is rich in nutritional value that helps boost the immune system of your baby
  • It is very easy to prepare. All you need is to add the liquid of your choice.
  • It has no artificial additives, flavors or colors
  • The taste is great
  • It is gluten free
  • It comes in a hand container that makes it easy to measure the feeds as well as store the oatmeal.


  • The Gerber Oatmeal has a short expiry date period (short shelf life).
  • Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal contains soy and milk as ingredients which can cause allergic reactions to children who are sensitive to soy and milk.
  • The top of the container hole is too small which makes pouring a bit tedious


Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal is definitely one of the best foods available in the market today for your baby who is just trying to incorporate solid food on his/her diet. It is rich in nutrition that will surely be beneficial for your baby.

It comes in a very convenient packaging that easily allows you to measure, scoop and pour out oatmeal for the young one. It is purely organic with no added starch or colors and thus your baby gets all the healthy nutritional value he /she deserves as he/she grows up.

Your baby will not only develop healthy bones and teeth due to the Calcium in the oats but they will also get Iron, Zinc and other essential Vitamins that will help support the baby’s immune system while growing up.

These minerals and vitamins are crucial to your baby’s diet to ensure that they are healthy, strong, and not prone to illnesses while growing up.

You can use it to make smoothies and/or adding puree on it so your two-year-old baby can experiment on food taste and textures as well while growing up. Not to fear this experimentation though, as your baby will surely love the taste of the Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal!


Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal undoubtedly stands out as a nutritious food for your baby.  As mentioned, it is rich in minerals and a variety of Vitamins that are all good for your growing little one.

However, if compared to the Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal, one of the famous baby foods available in the market today as well, the cereal and oatmeal from Gerber lacks probiotics. Probiotics are essential as well to a baby’s diet to help him/her with his/her digestion.

Digestion of the baby is a crucial part to look at to also as ensuring that he/she is able to digest all the foods correctly and easily will prevent him from illnesses and/or diseases.

The Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal is richer in iron and zinc as well, at 50% to 35% respectively per serving as compared to Gerber’s, which is only at 45% and 20%. Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal is ideal for a baby who is just staring out on solid foods as well as one who has been at it for a period of time.


Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal introduces your baby to the taste of whole grains in a delicious and exciting way. It is organic with no added sugar, flavorings, or additives. It has a fine texture that makes it easy for your baby to swallow. This single grain gram is easy for the baby to digest and is gentle to the baby’s stomach.

Although the Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal is packed with more vitamins and minerals per serving, this product from Gerber still is able to deliver what the baby needs for his/her daily nutrition needs, so you don’t need to worry about falling short when giving your baby the nutrients he/she needs with the Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal.

You can even mix it with puree for a more exciting flavor and taste for the baby. It fills the baby up and thus they get less hungry and are able to sleep more. Two servings or half a cup of Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal offers your baby 90% of his/her daily Iron needs, for a stronger and healthier little one.

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