For all new parents, it is compulsory to know what product is right for their baby, ranging from diapers, cosmetics, clothing, and of course – food. Besides breast milk, other types of food that a baby will eat need to be approved by the finest experts and they have to provide all the nutrients necessary for proper development.

Certain fruits and vegetables are known to significantly boost the overall health and growth potential of infants. However, the only products that truly encompass everything the young ones need are the best baby cereal options on the market.

Baby cereal is something you’ll want to feed to your child after it has passed at least four months of age. The reason for feeding your baby with something other than breast milk is that you want to get it used to more solid food as early as its stomach can handle it, so as to improve its diet plan.

Baby cereal was produced for this exact purpose, meaning this is the main product you should be focusing on once your baby is old enough.

The problem with most baby cereals is that they aren’t as tasty or as nutritious as they are supposed to be, but we’ve decided to provide you with two optimal choices of premium quality. The following review of the best baby cereal products was devised in order to assist you with this important decision.

Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with Choline

The Happy Baby Cereal 6-Pack was uniquely developed for babies that have just finished their first solid food diet, such as homemade rice cereal. This product is supposed to bridge the period of your child’s digestive system development, during which it slowly stops drinking and gradually begins eating.

The product comes with various DHA and Choline enrichments, which provide the baby’s brain and eyes with all the necessary nutrients and stabilize the digestive tract.


  • Micronutrients and vitamins that assist with crucial body development
  • Nutritious seeds and grains that provide protein, fiber, and iron
  • Organic vegetables and fruits that boost growth significantly
  • Probiotics that provide balance to the digestive system
  • Pack of 6 per order
  • Seven-ounce canisters
  • 20% daily calcium value


  • Non-GMO
  • Large supply per purchase
  • Made for all ages above 4 months
  • GPA-free packaging
  • Certified organic
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial sweeteners nor colorizers
  • No high fructose
  • No trans fats
  • Wide variety of tastes


  • Single pack purchase unavailable
  • Eligible for shipping only to certain countries aside from the US
  • Multitude of ingredients prevents children with various allergies from consuming it
  • Packaging not adjusted for optimal use

Gerber Baby Cereal, Organic Oatmeal

The Gerber Baby Cereal 8 ounce pack is probably the first thing a baby should eat when starting solid foods, in order to obtain iron. Iron is something gravely deficient in every developing toddler, which seems to be the main selling point of this product.

This fortified baby cereal is designed to be easy to digest and perfect for first tastings of solid food. What makes this product better than all others that aren’t on this list is the simplicity of the formula and yet the amount of babies that are almost addicted to it.


  • Organic and easily digestible foods
  • Extremely simple formula that manages to tickle the taste buds of numerous infants
  • High yet healthy concentration of iron and zinc
  • Steady quantity of vitamin E, vitamin D, and calcium


  • Certified organic
  • Kosher
  • Single pack availability
  • Undefeated prime taste
  • Easy pour spout
  • No starch
  • No artificial colors nor flavors


  • Somewhat short expiry date
  • Lack of diversity
  • Inability to purchase multiple packs
  • Not verified if non-GMO
  • Doesn’t ship anywhere outside of the US
  • Constantly low stock reserves because of how much it’s sought after

Comparison – Best Baby Cereal

In the Gerber vs. Happy Baby weigh in, we can say for sure that we aren’t certain. First of all, as much as they offer the exact same service, these two products are so different and specific that it’s very hard to compare their qualities against each other.

Both of them focus on entirely different things, both of which are crucial to raising your four-month-old properly. However, if we neglect this fact, we can place them face to face and come to certain conclusions about them.

The Gerber Baby Cereal is most definitely an expert in its field of work, bringing the most necessary nutrient to babies all across the globe. On the other hand, the Happy Baby Cereal may not contain as much iron, but that isn’t necessarily a flaw.

Actually, this type of cereal has so many other ingredients that simply make it stand out from any other item on the market, which includes the Gerber Baby Cereal. Gerber offers iron, while Happy Baby boasts everything else (including iron), but in moderate quantities.

The Best Baby Cereal – The conclusion

When choosing the right type of cereal for your 4-month-old child, you will need to consider a steady amount of factors. Abundance, health benefits, the taste or the variations. Everything that amounts to perfect quality of any baby cereal is contained within these two products, meaning that you’re looking at your two finest choices.

Since we aren’t able to opt for one type of quality over the other, we are recommending both types with equal faith in our judgement. Only one thing is certain – you will not find products that can compare to either of the two on the entire market.

As we’ve mentioned previously, choosing either of these two products will be absolutely correct. Picking between the two of the best baby cereal options available simply comes down to your preference.

Would you like your child to be enjoying a wide scope of tastes and moderate amounts of important nutrients, or get the ultimate taste bud experience while obtaining the most crucial growth-providing vitamins? Our final suggestion is trying both of these products, as there’s only one person more qualified than you when it comes to this matter – your baby.

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