While preparing baby meals is not that hard, you can always use a helping hand. The Pro 2x is clearly an upgrade from the Pro. While the Pro was equally good, BEABA added character and vigor to the Pro 2x.

This 4-in-1 baby food maker includes a blender, steamer, and heater that also works to defrost food. The BEABA BabyCook Pro can prepare up to nine large-capacity bowls in just a quarter of an hour.

The patented steam heating will ensure the vitality and nutrition of your baby food, including preserving vitamins and minerals, ensuring your baby stays healthy as they grow.

The BEABA can prepare meals at any stage of the baby’s growth, from when they can only eat purees to when they can finally have solids.

Given the large capacity, you can also cook for the whole family at one go. For an additional purchase, you can get the BabyCook Pro with a freezer compartment for your leftovers.

The BabyCook Pro is also free of lead, BPA, and phthalate, and this should settle the health conundrum. What’s more? The product also incorporates a recipe notebook, a mixing lid, and a stirring spoon or spatula. The utility handles ensure your experience is as clean and as convenient as possible.


  • Patent steam heating system for nutrient and vitamins preservation
  • Lead, BPA, and phthalate free for consumer health protection
  • Two large4.7-bowl capacity for maximum utility
  • Prepares baby food at any stage of the baby’s growth from softs, semi-solids, and purees to the solids
  • Steams two different food types simultaneously
  • Stainless-steel water reservoir unit
  • Extra utility features include a spatula, mixing lid, smoothie filter and recipe book
  • Designed for one-hand operation
  • Audible alert timer for accurate results
  • Multi-purpose mixing blades for the desired texture


  • The four-in-one function that incorporates blend, reheat, and defrost function is a plus, given all these features are basic
  • No risks of negative health repercussions as babies are vulnerable to the adverse effects of lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Automatic power-off function is an added safety feature, especially since the unit will frequently be used around babies
  • Fast cooking time and equally convenient preparation capacity
  • The patent heating system the nutrient content of your baby food is preserved. As babies grow, the vital nutrients are needed; you would not want a baby food maker that decreases the amounts of food nutrients


  • The blender is made of plastic, bringing into question the durability of the product
  • Hard food that requires higher blending power levels may not be able to be processed by the BabyCook Pro
  • Some parts are hard to reach, and not easy to clean


Overall, this blender will facilitate your providing your baby with healthy, additive and preservative-free baby foods during the critical growing years of their life. The basic features, including one-hand operation, large capacity cooking and four-in-one function are the features that make the Pro a desirable baby food maker.

The latent heat mechanism is also a nifty achievement, as baby food requires high nutrient content, which is important for your baby’s growth. The fact that you can prepare two types of food at the same time is also a plus, and comes in handy when you need to save time.

Extra features including a stainless-steel water reservoir unit, and the spatulas and mixers that come with the product go on to validate the utility friendliness of the product.

The attractive design is also a plus, and the baby meal maker, comes in three different colors: latte mint, gipsy and classy sorbet, with classy sorbet being $45 cheaper for some reason.

The BEABA BabyCook Pro is easy to operate. The function buttons are huge, few, and conveniently placed for easy operation. The instructional manual and recipe booklet also ensure your early use of the product is as convenient as possible. You can also get freezer compartments for leftover storage.

The freezer compartments are also designed with a baby in mind; thus you might be better off getting the freezer containers from Beaba. It also goes without saying that the convenience the product carries is a great plus at the early stages of motherhood.

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