Do I need a Baby Food Maker or perhaps there is no need as I already have a Food Processor? Is it more practical to have both?

It can be such a minefield.  Hopefully this article will help take some of the confusion away.

So, your beautiful baby has grown and is ready to start eating solid foods.  It can be confusing whether to buy baby food in jars or pouches, or prepare it yourself. Most of us, having the interest of a baby’s health at in the forefront of our minds, will prefer to make baby food ourselves, supplementing the with commercially processed food when we need to when out and about or time is limited.

So, while it’s clear that making the baby’s food is preferable, for both health reasons and financially, many parents often wonder if they need a specialized baby food maker or not to make and puree the food. This article should help you understand if, and why you might need a baby food maker.

Baby Food Maker Vs Food Processor – The Summary!

Do you need to have both?  No.  Is it nice to have both? Yes!  Here are some of the reasons why I bought a baby food maker.

  • Minimise washing up.  We all need less washing up in our lives once we’ve had a baby!
  • Time saving.  Using one machine for a getting a focused job done can be much quicker.
  • Money saving.  Baby food can cost a huge amount.  You can batch cook, and store extra portions in the freezer.

If you can afford to have both and have the space for both – it’s a great gadget to have in your kitchen.  Read on below for a little more detail in depth, or check out the best baby food maker on our homepage.

Who should own a baby food maker?

If you are not sure if you need a baby food maker, this might help you understand if you need one.

  • It’s an automated process that can speed up precious time making baby food – if you have a baby recently introduced to solid foods and want to save time, many people think this gadget is a must have.
  • If you prefer to have less washing up! Often the machines have a blending and steaming facility in one bowl.
  • If you like making soups and sauces – a good baby food maker can also do a great, quick job of blending and steaming baby food.  It can help in other parts of the kitchen, not just for the baby!
  • People who are on special diets, either for health conditions (such as throat, or digestive systems) those that need to eat smooth foods, or for those on a diet – you can often use a baby food maker to make a quick smoothie.

Why should you use baby food maker at home?

We all know there are many benefits that come with the homemade food for your child. In fact, making your baby’s food is the only sure way that they are getting the right diet.  Doing something so essential for your child and his or her growth can give you a lot of satisfaction. The following are some of the reasons why you should use your baby food maker at home.

  • You will be sure of exactly what your baby eating because you are the one who prepares the food. You know there will be no chemical or preservative agents added to the food
  • It is very economical. Other than the initial cost, the ingredients are readily available and you can buy them in bulk
  • You will be able to flavor the food using different fruits and vegetables instead of relying on commercially processed foods where artificial colorings and chemicals might have been used
  • Since you can use the baby food maker to prepare soup or sauce for the rest of the family members, your baby can see you eating the same food as them. This makes it easy for them to adapt to the family diet

Benefits of having a baby food maker

  • It is convenient. Baby food makers are basically designed to make sure parents have an easier time when making food for their babies. Hopefully, less hours in the kitchen trying to squeeze foods using a sieve or other manual food processors
  • The gadget allows you to make different dishes for your child. Your baby needs a balanced diet; a baby food maker does not limit you in what you can prepare for your child. You can steam, blend and serve your baby’s food. This can be fruits, vegetables, meats, or even starches.
  • A baby food maker assures healthy and safe food for your baby, because you made it – you know exactly what went into it!
  • When making your baby’s food, you need a gadget that does not demand you to transfer the food to different equipment, as this can cause contamination. The baby food maker is an all-in-one solution.  Less washing up!
  • The baby food maker is cost effective because you do not need additional equipment to carry out the preparation. The unit comes with a complete package of all the necessary items. It also allows you to prepare a large amount of food for several servings; this saves on time and the ingredients used
  • The baby food maker is portable, making it possible for you to use it at any convenient location. You can carry it when going for a family holiday or travelling.

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